So what is an Acolyte?

The name Acolyte comes from the Greek word “akolouthos” meaning attendant or follower. So the acolytes are attendants to the bishops or priests and help them help during the various service.

The word acolyte can also be linked with another Greek word “akolytos” which means free (from stain or sin) to enter the Holy of the Holies, the Holy Altar. So it is poper for the Altar boys to be free of sin and have an exemplary behaviour not only in the Altar but also in the life of the Parish.

During the Liturgy the acolytes represent the Angels that surround and assist Christ, in the same way as they surround and assist the Parish Priest. Angels are always ready to help, are quiet  and have an ecellent behaviour. These are characteristics the acolytes should strive to perfect.

Being an Alcolyte is a special honor, to serve in the Altar, the most sacred area of the Church. You can be an Acolyte too!

Becoming an acolyte

If you would like to join our Acolytes group please contact Mr. George Genovezos or Fr. Vasile.

Acolytes Manual

Click here to download (2MB File)

Schedule for 2014

1st Sunday: Jackson Wright, Alex Genovezos, Caleb Ellis, Luca Tudora

2nd Sunday: Michael Beebe, John Molhoek, Alex Shah, Chris Eftimie, Joseph Berca

3rd Sunday: James Seals, Alex Genovezos, Caleb Ellis, Luca Tudora, Matei Tudora

4th Sunday: Michael Beebe, John Molhoek, Alex Shah, Chris Eftimie, George Manos

5th Sunday: Michael Beebe, James Seals, Alex Genovezos, Alex Shah , Luca Tudora