Narthex Iconography Dedications Campaign

Dear St. John’s Family,

As we have agreed in our Spring General Assembly, we have moved ahead with finalizing the design and the cost for the Narthex Iconography Project. At this point we are ready to kick off our Icons Dedications Campaign. Please see below the project information.
You will also find here a trifold brochure containing the Iconography Design and here the the list with the details of the dedications opportunities. 
Also here you can access a link to an article about the importance of the Narthex in Church Iconography and Liturgical life.
At the beginning of September we will organize an evening event with our Iconographer, Vladimir Grigorenko that will answer any questions you might have at that point. We’ll send you informations about the event very soon.
We are looking forward to everyone’s participation in this amazing opportunity to enhance the beauty and the liturgical life of our Church.
For dedications, donations and any questions please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Vasile or any member of the Parish Council,
In Christ,
Fr. Vasile Tudora


The iconography of the Narthex of our Church Temple


The narthex is the first Church room that visitors see and the visual impact of our iconography would be a great one, especially for people who visit for the first time. Also, during our Greek Festival Church tours, the iconography would be the starting point of our conversation about the history of the Orthodox Church.

General Theme:

The general theme of the iconography will include scenes from The Old Testament that will tell a short but compelling story of humanity from Adam to Christ and will provide the faithful that enter the Church a transition from the Old Testament (the Narthex) to the New Testament (the Nave)

Included Scenes: 

Our Narthex is designed as a half cylinder ceiling (barrel) and two flat walls on the West and East side, with doors and windows. Please see below description and attached sketches.
  1. On the Western Wall: Creation of Man and the Expulsion from paradise (it all begins here)
  2. On the ceiling we will includes scenes from the lives of Moses and Abraham as well as couple of themes that prefigure the Resurrection of Christ
    • Moses and the Burning Bush
    • Moses parting the Red Sea
    • Moses and the Tablets of the Law
    • The Hospitality of Abraham at the Oak in Mamvri (also symbol of Holy Trinity in the Iconography)
    • The Sacrifice of Isaac
    • The Three Youths in the furnace
    • Jonah in the belly of the great fish
    • A cross design centered on the Chandelier
  3. On the Eastern Wall me, the wall of transition towards the nave (New Testament) will have the Holy Mandylion carried by the two angels. The windows do not allow us to do more iconography on this wall.


Vladimir Grygorenko, who also realized the rest of the iconography in our Altar area and Iconostasis.


We estimate the project will cost around $69,900.

Questions and answers:

Can I only dedicate an entire iconographic scene?We encourage people to dedicate an entire iconography scene but one can make a general contribution as well. Every dollar counts, thank you!

How do I pay?

Although cash/check/credit card donations are encouraged, we can also accommodate other payment modalities like stock transfers in our church’s brokerage account. See Lawrence Leeders for details.

When do I have to decide?

We encourage people to decide fast in order to ensure that they will be able to dedicate the icon they wish before someone else commissions it.