Book and Soup for the Soul – Lent 2016

Please join us every Wednesday evening of the Great Lent, after the Pre-sanctified Liturgy, for a fellowship meal and a good discussion about carefully selected orthodox books.

This Lent, the featured book is: Beauty for Ashes: The Spiritual Transformation of a Modern Greek Community by Stephen R Lloyd-Moffet. The book is available at the church bookstore and library.

Here is a short review from one one of the readers:

BEAUTY FOR ASHES The Spiritual Transformation of a Modern Greek Community is an enlightening expose on the way of life and leadership of a truly spiritual man in Bishop Meletios. Where the author shines is in his ability to bring understanding to the reader that the Bishop’s successes in transforming the broken Greek Community was achieved by his uncompromising modeling of Christ-like behavior, and love for his flock. The pervasive theme throughout the pages of BEAUTY FOR ASHES is the Bishop’s unrelenting authenticity and inner conviction by which he operated daily (and hourly) with the result being a complete spiritual transformation of the people he shepherded. The other thing that struck me as I was reading this book is how, on almost every page, what was being spoken of the Church at large, could apply to my own heart and spiritual condition. I could scarcely get from page to page without recognizing the value of Bishop Meletios’ wisdom to my own Christian walk. Finally, in the last two chapters, The Church and Modern Society, and Monks and Modern Society, the author brilliantly answers the question about the relevance of the Church and Monastic way of life to our contemporary culture. I will be keeping this book and most likely reread it periodically as I do other books such at The Mountain of Silence, or The Way of the Pilgrim. Highly recommended reading.