Announcing the New St. John’s Website

Christ is risen! Beloved brothers and sisters,

Out with the old and in with the new!

In this period of spiritual regeneration we are also very happy to announce that our website just got a complete overhaul! Built on a modern, mobile and social friendly platform our website will keep you connected with everything that is happening at St. John’s.

Please join us at for a new level of browsing experience. Enjoy the new graphic interface, simplified menus, news posts, photo galleries and more to come.

Share it on your favorite social media, send it to your friends, get the word out!

Come and see! We’re blessed to have all of you part of St. John’s!


  • John Miller Sr

    Great job. This should make it easier for everyone to enjoy and keep informed.
    Christ Has Risen

  • Liz Strong

    Christ is Risen!
    I love this new website! It is beautiful and user-friendly!

  • Raquel Lindeman

    Hristos Anesti! Christ is Risen!

    WOW! I am navigating the site on my cell and it is so clean and easy to use. It’s beautiful. Great job! I haven’t gotten a chance to look at everything but I plan on it.

    Thank you!

  • Serban

    Compact and easy to use, though rich and fully engaging in the life of the parish and of the Church. Congratulations and thanks to the hard working hands and minds behind this new website! Hristos Anesti! Hristos a Inviat! Christ is Risen!

  • I am so happy you`ve done this!!