Chapter Update - Meeting on Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thank yous for this month are many!  To Rena P. for the beautiful updated bulletin board in the parish hall.  To Bertha (and family)and Liz and Mike Strong for the hard work on the Valentines Dinner.  To anyone who has donated books for the St. Photios Literacy Project.  

Our Outreach committee is always ready to act.  If you know someone in need or home bound, please contact Fr. Vasile or Chairperson Rena Poletes for arrangements.  

We still have a healthy stock of the DVD Angels and Autism so if you know of anyone who would benefit from it, please see Joanie Ruppel or the bookstore to purchase a copy for only $10.   This is a timeless video and aimed to help those create understanding and tolerance for those with special disabilities with a subject geared to autism.

Cookbooks are available to purchase for $15.  The cookbook was made from parishioners recipies and makes an excellent gift!  Copies are near the fellowship hour food table in the parish hall.

Philoptochos Officers and Board for 2013-2015

 President - Joanie Ruppel

 Vice President - Margaret Chokas

 Secretary - Kathy Fox

 Treasurer & Advisor - Bertha Gianulis

 Angela Cline - Board Member

 Athena Pachares - Board Member

 Esther Petercsak - Board Member

 Barbara Vittas - Board Member


St. Photios Literacy Project - books will be delivered to WIC offices in March or early April.  Keep them coming! 

Soup Suppers - please see Kathy Fox for sign up.  Friday, Feb. 27, March 13, March 27

Membership Tea - date to be confirmed



Jan - Vasilopita was sold to help benefit the St. Basils Academy.  Our bread was so delicious!  Thank you Margaret for coordinating.

Feb - Thank you to Bertha & Liz for chairing the Valentines Day luncheon.  The food was DELICIOUS and the decorations were perfect!  Thank you to all who brought desserts to be auctioned off. 


January 12 - Vasilpita Auction was a big success!  We sent $1500 to St. Basil's Academy for the students and staff to continue their good works.

February 1 - A joint luncheon of the three Metroplex Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos societies was hosted by our parish Philoptochos chapter.  Guests included several ladies from Holy Trinity in Dallas and St. Demetrios in Fort Worth.  The Denver Philoptochos Metropolis Board was also with us and it was nice to connect names with faces.  Thank you to the Executive Board, Mary Mavias, Roberta Brandon and Rena Poletes for your help on that day.

February 22 - HUGE Thanks go out to Kathy Fox and Connie Rafailedes for coordinating this years Festival of Tables.  The Marriott ballroom was filled with happy faces and so many compliments were shared with the beautiful tables decorated by many of our members and friends of our members.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go into the Scholarship Fund.

March 1 - We officially took over the "old church office" with the installation of shelving units for storage of all things Philoptochos.  Many thanks go to Ted & Connie S. for envisioning this project and carrying it through to the end.  Pop your head in and see for yourself how wonderful the room looks.

March 7 - Lenten Soup Supper #1

March 21 - Lenten Soup Supper #2

March 23 - Membership Tea.  Campaign runs through April 30.  Thank you Barbara V for chairing this committee.

April 4 - Lenten Soup Supper #3 - Thank you to Kathy Fox for coordinating the suppers!

April 13 - Pick up items from bake sale orders in hall after Divine Liturgy, thank you Angela for chairing this bake sale.

April 20 - Anastasi repast after Resurrection Service - thank you Leo & Theresa A. for coodinating this celebration!

April 27 - Scholarship Winner Tim Gianitsos will be attending the University of Texas.  

July 6-9 - Philoptochos BiAnnual convention in association with Clergy/Laity in Philadelphia.  Veronica Fisher will give us a report in September as she was our attendee.

September - Donation to Trinity Habitat for Humanity project in DFW area

Oct 9 - A very successful Taverna Night was shared with friends, family, and guests.  Thank you Executive Board for chairing!

Festival - sold cookbooks

Nov. 9 - Veterans Day Celebration - Thank you Father Vasile for a beautiful artoclasia service and memorial service for our Vets.  Your words were beautiful!  Thank you to Georgia P & Annie S for the loaves of bread and koliva, respectively.  Annie's koliva was graced with an American flag of which Joanie took a picture and National Philoptochos put it on the Facebook page!

Dec - The poinsettia sale was our largest yet - thank you to Connie & Angela for once again taking this project as chairs.  The church was beautiful!

A fun time was had by all at our annual Christmas dinner.  Thank you to GOYA who came and sang carols for us!  Thanks to Barbara & Margaret for chairing.

Mid-Cities Christmas Providers was coordinated by Linda P with a new method this year.  She put up an angel tree.  It was heartwarming to know that most "angels" were adopted within two hours of the tree going up.  We helped several families this year, but only because of YOU!

Bake Sale was again successful - thank you Angela for coordinating!

Shoes for Orphan Souls - thank you to Raquel for delivering this box of shoes.  It should be comforting to know that some little child now has shoes on their feet because of this project.



Jan 13 - Vasilopita auction, all proceeds sent to St. Basil's Academy.  Thank you to Toni, Angela & Georgia who headed up the baking crew and a big thanks to our young adult, Philip Sullivan, who conducted the auction!

Feb. 10 - Valentines Luncheon fundraiser with dessert auction - Thank you Bertha for chairing, Rena & Margaret for your talents.  And thank you to all who brought desserts to be auctioned!

March 3 - Membership Tea with guests National Board Member Martha Stephanidakis, Metropolis of Denver President Marian Catechis, and National Board Member Helen Carnegis from Dallas.  Thank you Barbara for opening your home to us for this special gathering.  Ladies, please turn in your membership forms and stewardship pledge by April 28.

Lenten Soup Supper #1  - Thank you!  

Lenten Soup Supper #2 - Double Thanks!

April 6 - The Couples Retreat was a huge success.  We had 13 couples participating and interacting with Father David Eckley and Presbytera Vasiliki's presentation.  A big thank you to Bertha Gianulis for spearheading this idea and seeing it come to fruition.  We hope to hold these retreats on a bi-annual basis changing the curriculum each time.

Lenten Soup Supper #3 - Triple Thanks to Kathy Fox - we collected and forwarded to Holy Cross Hellenic College, the most we have ever sent!

Saturday, April 27 - Meeting and Baking Day

April 28 - Stewardship Pledges Turned In

May 2 - Dying of red eggs by volunteers - Thank You to Pat, Toni, Harriet & Toni H.

May 3 - Decorate Epitaphio

May 4/5 - Anastasi Reception - Thank you to Leo, Theresa A, Gail & Cecilia!

May 12 - Mother's Day Artoclasia and Memorial - Thank you to Athena, Marie, Voula & Khanh

You know what I see?  I see 11 - that's eleven - different people involved in the last three events we hosted.  There were also several people other than these eleven who helped decorate the Kouvouklion and helped with the bake sale.  I love it when we all lend a hand!

May 19 - Meeting with Elections

June 2 - Scholarship Presentation - congratulations Bennett Kerbow!  Bennett will be attending the University of Texas @ Arlington

June 16 - Father's Day Artoclasia and Memorial - Thank you to Athena, Marie, Voula & Khanh

October 9 - Taverna Night was hosted by our chapter and was a success.

December -

  • Poinsettia plant sales to beautify the altar at Christmas in honor of and in memory of our loved ones.

  • Christmas Bake Sale

  •  Adopted 3 Families from Mid-Cities Christmas Providers Program and 2 additional families were assisted


January - Vasilopita auction, all proceeds sent to St. Basil's Academy.  Metropolitan Isaiah was among us and cut the bread.  Thank you to Toni N., Angela C., & Georgia P., who headed up the baking crew.  Also thanks to George Vittas for acting as auctioneer!

 February 12 - Once again our parish hall was transformed into a thing of beauty to celebrate the secular holiday of Valentines Day.  A gourmet meal was served and a delicious dessert raffle enjoyed by all who attended.   Thank you Bertha for chairing this event, to her family who helped cooked and to Leo Alexander for his delicious salad and general help.  

February 26 - Membership Tea was held at the home of Barbara Vittas.  Thank you Barbara for chairing the Stewardship committee.  

March 2/16/30 - Lenten Soup Suppers ~7:00pm after Heretismoi service

March 25 - Coordinating of the parish Pan-Hellenic Vespers - thank you Alexanders & Geils

March 25, April 1, & April 8 - Collection for Easter Flowers

April 5 - Dying of Easter Eggs - thank you Toni and crew

April 6 - Dressing of the Kouvouklion - thank you Barbara and crew

April 7 - Easter Baking Day - thank you Toni & Angela and crew

April 8 - Delivery of Easter Bake Sale orders

April 15 - Anastasi reception - thank you Alexanders

May 5 - Festival of Tables - thank you Bertha & Allison

May 6 - Artoclasia  for St. Irene's Name Day - thank you Toni Nicholas for baking! 

July 16 - Presentation of $2000 grant to the Child Study Center in Ft. Worth 

Sept 1 - Executive Board Meeting

Oct 12-14 - Successful Festival!  Lots of cookbooks sold!

Nov 2-3 - Garage Sale profit just under $1500.  Capital Campaign pledge payment made.

Nov. 4 - Tray collection for Patron Saints of Philotochos, Sts. Cosmas and Damianos

Nov 9-11 - 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Denver Metropolis Center, Denver, CO.  Barb & Bert attended.

Nov 11 - Godparents Sunday gift card collection for Hurricane Sandy victims.  Cards sent directly to Staten Island Orthodox Churches with parishioners in need.  Over $150 was collected and sent.  Another $150 was collected and given to the church benevolent fund.

Nov 26 - Poinsettia sale forms distributed.  Flowers arrive Dec. 16. Thank you Connie & Angela for chairing this project!

Dec. 9 - Annual Christmas Dinner.  Thank you Barb V. & Margaret C. for chairing this event!

Dec. 15 - Bake Sale Baking and Meeting.  Thank you Toni & Angie for chairing this event!

Dec. 16 - Adopt-A-Family gift deadline.  Thank you Linda P. for chairing this project!


St. Irene Philloptochos Scholarship

St. Irene Scholarship Fund was instituted in 1995 to help our parishes graduating high school seniors in their quest for further education.  Since then, a $1,000 scholarship has been given out annually (except when there were no applicants) for those who have met the requirements, and completed the scholarship application.

In February of each year, applications are available and will be broadcast when they are due.  In March, the scholarship committee gathers with outside moderators to decide the receipient.  In April, usually the first week, the recipient is awarded the scholarship.

Please see Gail Poriotis, Scholarship chairman, for more information. See form here

See 2009 Walk-a-Thon pictures here 


Forms available on this website: 

About The National Philoptochos Society

The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, the official philanthropic organization of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, was established in November 1931, by the late Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I, who was then serving as Archbishop of North and South America.

The members of the National Board of Philoptochos are dedicated church women who offer countless hours to the philanthropic, humanitarian, and Christian mission of the Church. There are 485 Philoptochos chapters in the United States filled with 27,500 members. 

The structure of the Philoptochos includes the National Board, Metropolitan Boards, and Chapters in every parish of the Archdiocese.

St. John's Philoptochos was instituted in 1981 and is active with charity work, bake sales, a Festival of Tables every other year, and various projects within the community.   It is with elation we have celebrated the 80th anniversary of the beginning of National Philoptochos in 2011.

OUR MISSION:  To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the disabled, the victim's of disasters, to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the church through fundraising efforts.