Inquirers Class and Catechism

If you are interested in learning about the Orthodox Faith join our classes every Sunday, after Divine Liturgy, around noon.

Content and Intent: The program is made for people from various backgrounds, Christian or not, and is intended to familiarize you with the theology, traditions and daily life of Orthodox Christians. The program will not try to convert anyone, nor the attendance will guarantee admission in the Orthodox Church. The program is meant to give you enough information so you can make your own decisions, if you want to make any 🙂

Format: The lessons usually take about an hour-ish, but we might run over occasionally on some more challenging topics. Sunday will be our regular meeting day, but we might schedule make-up dates on some Wednesday nights after Services at around 7-8PM depending on the week.

Requirements: Besides actually coming to classes, in order to get yourselves acquainted with the practical aspects of the faith, I strongly suggest that you participate in as many Church services (including weekday services) as possible moving forward. Check our website for updates on the calendar. Worship is the most important aspect of our faith and it is important that you get familiar with it.

Materials: As far as materials we will rely heavily on two books, see links below. I will have a limited quantity available at the church, but you can order your copy in advance at the following links (it’s our bookstore on amazon). You can buy the books anywhere, really, if you find them cheaper.

I also recommend to purchase your own copy of the Orthodox Study Bible (also available on kindle and appstore):

Another good resource is the 4 volume set of the Explanation of the Gospel by St. Theophilact of Ochrid is extremely useful to understand the Bible from an Orthodox Perspective. (scroll down to find the blue four set volume on the page that opens from the link below)

Another great book for more advanced study is this one:

You can find more Orthodox books at our Amazon Orthodox Bookstore. There are many books there arranged by topics.

Confused yet? Don’t be it is going to be easier than it looks now!

If you are interested please contact Fr. Vasile for details on the new semester or just show up to class!