St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero Appeal

On 9/11, Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was crushed by the falling debris of the Twin Towers; Destroyed by the power of darkness. The icons of St. Dionysios of Zakynthos and Zoodochos Pege were found in its rubble. And in the midst of the ashes, the wreckage, the death and the destruction stood a plain, steel cross high above all else. At the groundbreaking ceremony […]

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Announcing the New St. John’s Website

Christ is risen! Beloved brothers and sisters, Out with the old and in with the new! In this period of spiritual regeneration we are also very happy to announce that our website just got a complete overhaul! Built on a modern, mobile and social friendly platform our website will keep you connected with everything that is happening at St. John’s. Please […]

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I will abide by the Truth of Resurrection

As citizens of the post-modern world we got so used to relative truth that we are quick to label any one that supports a fundamental truth of any kind as a fundamentalist. But there is no shame in upholding a fundamental truth. Imposing it on others yes, this could be a problem. But there is no evil in standing by […]

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