Commemoration Lists

When writing lists for commemoration in the Divine Liturgy or at other services of intercession, there are a few rules that one should bear in mind to help the clergy.

  •  First of all, one should mention clearly on top if the list is for Living or Departed, the name of the family submitting the list and and the date (if you want the list to be commemorated for a longer period of time)
  •  One should write the full baptismal or monastic name of each person, and not a shortened or pet form – thus Mary, Constantine, Elena, rather than Marsha, Gus, or Nelly.
  •  For clergy and monastics one should write their rank rather than just putting Father or Mother So-an-So – thus: Metropolitan Demetrios, Protopresbyter Theodore, Nun Eugenia, Deacon Barnabas, and so on.
  • There is no need to put their surnames – the Church always prays for people using only their Christian names, which are the names by which there are known in the Church.
  •  Generally it is recommended to write the clergy names first, according to their rank and then continue with Godparents, parents, family, friends etc.
  • If you are also listing non-Orthodox people, you should list them separately because the Church wisely prays for them in a different way, since their needs are different and the healing they require is different.
  •  When using annual commemoration lists please inform the priest of any changes as they may occur, e.g. when somebody is deceased, or was converted etc.
  • Lastly, always write clearly. It is courtesy which you should extend to the clergy, when they are serving for you.