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NEW Gladsome Light Dialogues BLOG

In order to continue our dicussions on-line a new blog was created at This is also an open invitation for everyone that cannot be physically with us on Wednesday evenings. Our dialogues are for everyone. Please join us in a journey through our faith as we live it every day!


What are the Gladsome LIght Dialogues?

This particular name was chosen in order to transmit two things: first these meeting we'll be dialogues and not monologues; your opinions, questions, experiences are welcome in our setting, so bring your life with you and share it with the group. Second Gladsome Light or Fos Ilaron is the evening hymn we sing during Vespers. The dialogues will take place in the evening so, there you go! The Gladsome Light also stands for the bright light of the evening star that shines in the darkness of night, symbolizing the promise, the hope of a Savior in the darkness of sin that was covering the world before the coming of Christ.

In a similar fashion these dialogues are meant to support us in our daily effort to live a true Christian life. We'll try to bring into discussion real life topics that we face every day and discuss them from a Christian Orthodox perspective. In a world that more and more is against the idea of God, these dialogues will try to give us hope that we can still live a Christian life, despite the odds of a rejecting society.

The Gladsome Light Dialogues will take place on every Wednesday after the Paraklesis Service. The weekly discussion topics will be posted in the Forerunner and the Sunday Bulletin. I am looking forward to see all of you participating and making this program alive!


Gladsome Light Dialogues discussion topics for February 2009

Our new Cycle of dialogues has started on Jan 24th: "The Liturgies of the Orthodox Church: What's in it for me?" The cycle will continue until the beginning of the Great Lent.

Please find bellow the discussion topics for the month of February:

2/4/2009 Liturgy of the Catechumens
2/11/2009 Liturgy of the Faithful
2/18/2009 Preparation for the Liturgy and Communion
2/25/2009 Evening Film Dialogues

The Evening Film dialogues will continue on February 25th

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