Council Capsule


Here it is, February already, and January is in the books. I would, however, like to thank everyone who participated in this year's name day luncheon and ensuring that it was a success once again. Without your effort and contribution, we would have been hard pressed to achieve the level of satisfaction our parish has come to enjoy.

A most sincere, thank you, to all who supported us, and made time to attend and fellow-
Ship. We were facing an uphill battle from the onset, w/ the absence of His Eminence, inclement weather, early Cowboys game etc. But unsurprisingly, you showed up for this wonderful benefit. I truly believe it is in these examples that we shine in our community and assist us in our growth. Now, based on some of the feedback I received, the meal was overall very delicious but... could have used a bit more sauce (duly noted) and I too, agree.

Moving along... It was decided in our January meeting that some of the moving pieces on he council to be realigned, in an ongoing effort to serve our parish as a whole.
We will be reaching out to you for your help and support as we continue to build our
Committees to meet the various needs of our ever growing church family.

Please help me in welcoming our newly elected council members as they prepare to embark on this journey of laying up treasures by serving our church and extended family. They are as follows:

Cecilia Junell
Jeff Younger
David Ellis
Angela Kline

Remember, if you haven't filled out your 2015 Stewardship card, now is the time to do so! Lastly, if you see a new face or a family of faces, please extend our welcoming warmth and invite them to join us for coffee and small pastry.

Kind regards,
Michael Eftimie,
Parish Council President