Stewardship 2017

You are the Voice of Christ in a Changing world!

The base from which we serve as the Voice of Christ in a Changing World is the parish.  A strong parish provides opportunities for sharing the Good News of Christ, for welcoming those that are searching for a spiritual home, and a base from which we are sent out into the world. The parish also provides a place for worship, community and education in the faith. To be stewards of the Gospel, we need to be stewards of our parish. This requires the vision and inspiration to see the parish, not as it is, but as it could be. We are called to offer ourselves and our treasure to make our local church all that it can be.

Our Parish has ministry programs in the areas of Youth (our vibrant GOYA ministry, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Camp Emanuel, Regional Retreats), Seniors (our beautiful Ageless Wonders), Outreach (through our generous and dedicated Philoptochos organization, our annual Greek Festival, our Inquirers program, our websites and social media presence), Worship (Choir, Chanters, Acolytes) and so much more. With your involvement these ministries are thriving, but, without your participation, they wither and die.

We ask you wholeheartedly to come, join and support these worthy ministries so our Christian voice may be heard inside and outside our parish. Giving to His Church, your Church, is a way to thank God for His grace and generosity. The most important question is “How can I thank God for my many blessings?”

I invite you to be participate in the 2017 Stewardship program at at Saint John’s Church, and give thanks for God’s many blessings and learn more about our parish, our leadership and our ministries. 

Before completing the Stewardship Commitment Card, please give prayerful consideration to the commitment you are making. A check mailed to the church is much more meaningful when accompanied by your presence, by your willingness to serve, by your prayers, and by your commitment. Giving is not a substitute for commitment – it is an expression of your commitment and an expression of thanks for the many blessings in your life.

Stewardship is an opportunity to examine our priorities and values, to express out thankfulness, to give of ourselves and to grow in grace.  It allows us to participate in the work of God. Our hope is to build a culture at St. John’s that emulates the kingdom of God with abundance, joy, peace, and love along with a welcoming environment.  We want you to be a part of that environment.

I pray that all of you will participate in our 2017 Stewardship Program and be engaged in our ministries.

With paternal blessings in Christ’s service,

Fr. Vasile Tudora