The Heritage of Celtic Saints

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

An extraordinary event will take place at our church this coming Saturday at 7:00 PM, after Vespers. “The Heritage of Celtic Saints and their importance for the Orthodox Community.” by Hieromonk Serafim Aldea.

Fr. Serafim Aldea is a Hieromonk from the UK and he is opening a monastery in the Island of Mull, dedicated to All the Celtic Saints. He is currently doing a tour in the USA to participate in a Celtic Festival and to gather some necessary construction funds for the monastery.

He has a wonderful podcast on Ancient Faith Radio entitled “Through a Monk’s Eyes” in which he speaks in order to gain support for the women’s monastery.

With Metropolitan Isaiah’s blessing He will be in Dallas this weekend and we will host this event in our church.

After the talk on Saturday evening, Fr. Serafim and I will con-celebrate Divine Liturgy on Sunday. Fr. Seraphim will deliver the homily and at the end of the services he will talk again briefly about his project.

Please come and participate at this important event and find out about the rich heritage of the Celtic Orthodox Saints and get involved in the revival of Orthodoxy in this lands.

See more info below.


Sts. Ninian, Columba, Aidan and Cuthbert, our Celtic Orthodox Saints, have lived on the Hebridean Isles of Scotland in the early centuries after Christ. An Orthodox monastery on the Isle of Mull is a great blessing for all, as Orthodox pilgrims cross the Isle of Mull on their way to Iona, the famous monastery of St. Columba.
The monastery of St. Ninian and St. Cuthbert is the first Orthodox monastery in the Hebrides in over a millennium, and the first Orthodox monastery in the UK since 1959. The existing Church dates back to 1755 and is built on the ancient location of a 6th century Celtic monastery. The monastery owns the church and the surrounding five acres of land A monastic community of nuns is waiting and praying to inhabit the monastery.
Father Serafim is trying to raise funds to build the living quarters on this land. Contributions are US tax deductible and can be sent to the Sister Monastery in Colorado; checks should be written to: Protection Monastery/ SCOTLAND Monastery, P.O. Box 416 , Lake George, CO 80827. Alternatively, donations can be made online, via PayPal (all major cards accepted), at
Please consider making a contribution towards the founding of this historic monastery; you can help bring Orthodoxy back to the Celtic Islands and re-establish a 6th century Orthodox monastery. No amount is too small for the Glory of God and His Saints! More information is available on the monastery website: